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  • Topo Chico Candle

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    Upcycled Topo Chico Bottle 8oz soy wax candles. Cut and sanded by hand.

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    Bubble Vicious
    The sweet and playful scent of Bubblicious Bubble Gum.
    $16 $14.41
    Champú - Just like the Biolage shampoo, a fresh clean aroma. Very strong and flowing!
    $16 $14.41
    Fried Ice Cream
    Buttery cream, sweet vanilla, with hints of crust.
    $16 $14.41
    Pipe Tobacco
    Pipe Tobacco - The rich, warm, and masculine aroma of fine pipe tobacco or freshly cut tobacco leaves.
    $16 $14.42
    Sana Sana
    Sana Sana has the soothing aroma of Vicks Vapor Rub. Lighting this candle will make you want to rub it all over yourself! Just make sure the wax isn't hot, unless you're into that sort of thing ;-)
    $16 $14.41
    Soda Pop
    Smells like coca cola soda pop. Just like popping the top on a cold can.
    $16 $14.41

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